Apollo 86A-100 Series - 3-Piece Full Port Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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Apollo 86a-100 Series

Ball Valve
Body Material
Stainless Steel
Connection Type
1/4" to 2"
Max. Pressure
1500 CWP
Temperature Range
-25F to +275F
Handle Material
Stainless Steel
Handle Type
Round Handle
Anti-blowout one piece bottom

Introducing the Apollo 86A-100 Series

The Apollo 86A-100 is a world class, stainless steel, three piece ball valve made in the U.S.A.  Designed for applications where piping systems necessitate occasional or regular removal of the valve for inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement, the Apollo 86A-100 Series is an excellent choice for functions involving harsh, corrosive environments and media.  

Apollo 86A-100 Series

The 86A-100's 3-piece housing is cast of stainless steel with a high content of molybdenum (ASTM A351-CF8M), a metallurgical agent added to the steel to increase resistance to pitting and corrosion.  As well, the 86A-100 incorporates a solid Stainless Steel, pressure balanced ball with a 316 rating, ensuring maximum corrosion protection, longevity, and an ultra tight seal provided via a multi-seal seating system.  Like many Apollo valves, the Apollo 86A-100 may be ordered with a variety of options, including but not limited to: vented ball; extended bonnet; optional thread configurations; round handle, etc.


  • Fully Machined ISO 5211 Mounting
  • Swing Out Center Section
  • Two Position Locking
  • Pressure Balanced Solid Ball (ASTM A276-316SS)
  • Compression Controlled RPTFE Gaskets
  • Multi-Piece, Adjustable PTFE V-Style Packing
  • Cast Bosses on Center Section and End Caps
  • Anti-Blowout One Piece Bottom Entry Stem
  • Enclosed Fasteners
  • Vacuum to 29 in of Hg
  • 150psig Saturated Steam
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 1500psi CWP
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 500° F
  • PEEK/PTFE Stem Bearing
  • Full Port

Built for reliable long life and ease of maintenance, the Apollo 86A-100 Series is a superior in-line, 3 piece valve designed to control media flow effortlessly and efficiently.  Perfect for petroleum and natural gas, this ball valve carries the NACE compliance ratings of MR0 175 (2000) and MR0 103 (2012).  All trim and hardware are stainless steel, including body, stop, and gland bolts; handle, nut, and screw; lever and lock plate; packing gland.  Can be used with steam.

Where to Buy the Apollo 86A-100 Series

You can purchase the Apollo 86A-100 three piece ball valve, and other great Apollo valves at, ValveMan.com valve store.  We sell industrial grade valves, and have been in the business for 50 some years, now.  We sell several selections of the top valve brands, but if you like the 86A-100 Series as much as we do, and would like to know more about Apollo Valves, you might enjoy reading Why Choose Apollo Ball Valves.

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