Why Choose a Valve with a Deadman Handle?

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Dec 9th 2016

Otherwise known as a spring return handle, a deadman handle on a valve serves a specific purpose.  Without it, tasks like drawing a media from a drum or tank; introdu … Read More

Introducing Apollo Safety Relief Valves

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Nov 29th 2016

Apollo is a name synonymous with quality, and that very quality is built into the Apollo  safety relief valves line. Water boilers and similar equipment must have an escape route … Read More

What Types of Valves are Piggable?

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Nov 25th 2016

Pigging, an operation typically used in larger bores, is becoming more popular as a means of keeping smaller pipe lines clean.  However, while miniaturizing the process is relatively s … Read More