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Bonomi Valves, also known as The Bonomi Group, is actually three companies in one--Rubinetterie Brescaine (founded in 1901), Valpress (founded in 1978), and Valbia (1995). Three seems to be the magic number for this well known and world-wide valve manufacturer. The original company, Rubinetterie Brescaine Bonomi, was a conglomeration of three family businesses (Rubinetterie, Brescaine, Bonomi), which later, in 1966, became the first manufacturer to produce 2 piece valves. Ever growing, expanding, and incorporating, today Bonomi is a major competitor in the valve and valve related industry. A global company, Bonomi Valves Distributors has bases, plants, and offices in Italy, North America (Bonomi Valves USA), the U.K, Germany, Russia, India, and Brazil. Today the company specializes in producing valves, actuators, valve related products, and various components for regulating fluid and gas.

Bonomi North America's Product Offerings:

Plumbing Solutions:

They distribute Rubinetterie Bresciane's products, which include a diverse range of ball, butterfly, and check valves, catering to all plumbing and heating requirements.


Industrial Solutions:

For industrial setups, they provide products from Valpres, Valbia, and Rubinetterie Bresciane. With a rich history spanning 120 years, they offer solutions for various mediums, including water, gas, treated water, and oils. Additionally, they have an extensive range of automated valves with actuators to fit every need.


Quality Commitment:

Bonomi North America is dedicated to offering 100% Italian-made products, symbolizing unparalleled quality, efficiency, and longevity. Their commitment to quality is evident in their choice of premium raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and meticulous attention to detail.

The Excellence of Bonomi

Each of the subsidiaries forming the Bonomi Group Valves are well respected for their engineering innovations, excellence in manufacturing quality, and an ability to communicate and work together. In the United States, industries--such as heating and cooling, plumbing, as well as energy distribution--have come to depend on the passion put into the parts supplied by Bonomi North America, Inc. There are many great Bonomi Valves USA products available in the U.S., and the following exemplify Bonomi's greatness and perfection:


-Bonomi 355N: A 3 way configuration, this brass ball valve is a literal workhorse in the world of valves. Designed for direct mount, the 355N boasts 4 seats, a chrome-plated brass ball, and a blow-out proof stem. It is rated for temperatures up to 344 degrees Fahrenheit, and pressures of 100 WSP / 400 WOG. Available in sizes 1/4" to 3"; low torque; P.T.F.E seats with "O" ring backing; double "O" ring stem packing. This particular part number has a "T" flow path and can be built for manual operation, electric, or pneumatic.


-Bonomi 365N: Like its sister, the 365N shares similar features, such as being a direct mount, 3 way ball valve with a 4 seat design. Available in sizes 1/4" to 3" this brass bodied valve configuration incorporates an ISO (5211) pad for actuator mounting. Standard port, P.T.F.E. seats, with "O" ring and double "O" ring stem packing, blow-out proof stem, and chrome plated ball. Now, this part number refers to an "L" flow path and can also be built for manual, pneumatic, or electric operation. Temperature and pressure ratings the same as the 355N.


Both models can be fitted with automated actuators; and both provide excellent sealing qualities not found in all ball valves.

Bonomi Actuation: Bonomi actuators--both electric and pneumatic--are well known and respected for their smooth, dependable operation. Produced by Valbia (a subsidiary of the Bonomi Group), these state-of-the-art, but no-nonsense actuators get the job done. Electric actuators are specifically designed for work with both ball and butterfly valves: feature electronic circuit for automatic motor speed adjustment; torque limiters; techno-polymer housing; die-cast connections and hardened steel pinions. Pneumatic actuators are available in a variety of configurations, coatings, and sizes. The double acting pneumatic actuator produced by Valbia boasts an extremely small profile. Suitable for almost any valve configuration, these Bonomi valve actuators are seen frequently in various industries worldwide. Available in 0-90 degree rotation or 180 degree. Integrity and longevity, both for internal mechanisms and external housings, make these actuators ideal for harsh environments and sustained operating times.

Bonomi Valve Distributors

Whether you just need to replace a simple 2 way valve or you are planning and designing a new line in your manufacturing facility, choosing Bonomi valves is a savvy move. We're and we are proud to sell Bonomi valves and actuators. We share the passion put into every product made by Bonomi North America, Inc., and we can fill your orders. The valve store has been in the valve business for 50 years, and all we sell are valves. It's simply what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

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