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All three are spring return handle ball valves.  A spring return handle, also known as a deadman handle, operates on the same principle as the original deadman's switch after which it is named.  Put simply, the handle will return to a closed position by virtue of a spring, in case a human operator fails to return the handle to this position.  Providing vigilance control, a spring return handle is excellent for preventing spills, unnecessary loss of product, incorrect mixtures, and other mishaps.  Each manufacturer has produced a similar product.  Picking the right one might come down to the details.

  • Apollo 76-500: Available in sizes 1/4" to 2", this stainless steel ball valve features full port, FNPT threaded connections, and a stainless steel deadman handle.  This series can handle pressures between 1500 and 2000psig.  Seat material and stem packing are Multifill PTFE. Stem bearing is RPTFE and the stem itself is blow-out proof, A276-316 stainless steel.  The ball is made from the same alloy. sizes 1 1/4" to 2" employ a PTFE body seal.
  • JFlow SRDM3833: For roughly the same price as the Apoll Valve model, JFlow offers a 2-piece design, stainless steel ball valve with locking (optional) deadman handle.  Designed for heavy-duty, long term operation, the JFlow model may feature the best handl of all three.  The design makes the handle easy to replace if necessary. Rated for a psi pressure of 1,000, this full port ball valve uses a blow-out proof stem, NPT threaded connections, and is available in sizes 1/4" to 2".
  • Bonomi 2200 SRL: The least expensive of the three, this 316 stainless steel, direct mount ball valve also features a spring return handle that can be locked open, if desired.  Bonomi also equips their valve with a blow-out proof stem. Spring return handle is adjustable, and is made of stainless steel.  As the other two, this valve features full port threaded connections.  Stem packing is high cycle live loaded.

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Each company offers an excellent ball valve with a spring return handle.  All three are known for excellence in quality, reliability, and longevity. All are relatively close in price.  The Apollo model does not come with a locking option, but is possibly constructed of the highest quality materials.  The JFlow model may be the most innovative, and the Bonomi model is the epitome of heavy-duty, no-nonsense construction and operation.  Choosing the right one may boil down to cost, and/or specific needs.

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