Spring Check Valve

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What Is A Spring Check Valve?

A check valve is a one way valve. That is, it allows a liquid or gas to enter into one port, and exit another. These are sometimes called non-return or clack valves. A spring check valve, of course, is equipped with a spring. This is to ensure that the liquid, gas, steam, or other media can only travel through the valve in one direction. But it also aids in a valve's performance; a spring-loaded check valve is detrimental in preventing backflow in "in-line" applications where reverse flow can be especially damaging. 

The Necessity of Spring Check Valves

Reverse flow in a pipeline can create serious problems, especially when dealing with steam, for example. Reverse flow can have an effect on a steam line's flow meter accuracy, or could cause significant problems in an assembly application. A spring-loaded disc check valve is the answer for many in-line applications dealing with steam, and other sensitive material. These prevent reverse flow with disc movement that is very quick, because it is spring-assisted, has minimal travel, and the disc is parallel with the flow.

The Importance of Sizing

A check valve works automatically--it was meant to be an "install and forget" type valve. However, particularly with spring check valves, sizing correctly is crucial: incorrect sizing will cause pressure failures and reduced flow--which in turn can put excessive drag on a pump--or will prevent the disc from opening fully, which will lead to valve failure and more down time. But it is not enough to simply match  valves with maximum flow conditions--proper sizing will involve considering all flow coefficients and variables.

Beyond Quality

There are many valve manufacturers, and just as many valve suppliers out there. Quality is important, of course, but when purchasing a spring check valve for an industrial application, you expect more than just quality parts; you need the added assurance that you are buying the right part, and you want to buy parts from a dealer that is well versed in the importance of proper sizing, stress ratios, and pressure tolerances. When buying valves, buy them from a supplier that only deals in valves, and understands flow coefficients and how they affect reverse flow and a spring check valve optimum performance. Buy your valves from  ValveMan.com.   We've been in the valve business for over 50 years, and we know valves better than anyone. If you need a spring check valve, come to us. Our service exceeds quality. We only sell valves, period. It's simply what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

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