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Nestled in the tech hub of California's Silicon Valley, Sizto Tech Corporation (STC) stands as a testament to innovation and quality. With a perfect blend of American ingenuity and China's manufacturing expertise, STC offers products that are at the forefront of design, precision, and quality, all while ensuring value for money. Their dedication shines through their world-class facilities and their vast network of esteemed partners across China.



STCValve's Product Lineup


Direct Acting Valves: Your go-to for fluid flow control.
Solenoid Valves: Expertly crafted devices for managing liquid or gas flow.
High Pressure Solenoid Valves: Built for those intense, high-pressure moments.
Air Actuated Angle Seat Valves: The pneumatic choice for specific flow needs.
Electric Actuated Valves: Power-driven for unmatched flow precision.
Electronic Valves: Modern valves with a tech twist.
Pneumatic Valves: Harnessing the power of air.
Manual Air Valves: Old-school, hand-operated air control.
Foot Valves: Step on it for hands-free operation.
Push-In Fittings: Snap and go fittings for every need.
Compression Fittings: Sealed tight, every time.
Stainless Steel Fittings: Built to last with stainless strength.
Filter-Regulator-Lubricator: The triple threat for air device maintenance.
Air Cylinders: Power-packed performance with compressed gas.
Reed Switches: The magnetic charm in various setups.



At ValveMan, we pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier; we're a trusted partner in delivering excellence. Our collaboration with STC Valves is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. When you choose ValveMan, you're not only getting the unparalleled craftsmanship of STC Valves but also the assurance of our expert guidance, seamless purchasing experience, and unwavering customer support. Dive into a world where precision meets performance, and let ValveMan be your gateway to the best of STC Valves. Elevate your operations with us – because with ValveMan, you're always in good hands.


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