Choosing Between Bronze and Brass Valves

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Oct 10th 2016

While a valve's intended application often determines its composition, as one media or another may be more compatible, it's not always clear as to why this is true. Choices of material … Read More

How Do Cryogenic Valves Work?

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Oct 6th 2016

As its name suggests, cryogenic valves are designed to be used in very cold applications. They are thus most popularly used by companies that work with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compress … Read More

How Do Ball Valves Work?

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Oct 4th 2016

A  ball valve, as its name neatly suggests, is any valve that utilizes a ball to control the flow of substances from one opening to the next.  The center of the ball i … Read More

Deciphering Backflow Preventers

Posted by Daniel Pishock on Sep 26th 2016

When a simple check valve is inadequate for the job, you need a backflow preventer. But knowing you need one and understanding how they work are two different things entirely … Read More