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Blog posted by Gilbert Welsford on Sep 24th 2020

  1. Our online valve store has been selling valves for over 50+ years but we took some time to think over the years and come up with some of the coolest valve application we have worked on! We hope you enjoy the list as much as we enjoyed working on the projects!

Maintaining back pressure on the fuel lines of the US space shuttle during lift off

Top 10 Valve Applications

Maintaining temperature control for Campbell’s soup

Supplied the diverting valves for the filtration for Hershey’s chocolate

Supplying the valves to control liquid nitrogen at -320 degrees F

Top 10 Valve Applications

Controlling oil to the engines that power the US Navy Aircraft carriers and destroyers

Top 10 Valve Applications - Aircraft Carriers

Maintaining PH and Conductivity of a nuclear power plant

Top 10 Valve Applications

Maintaining air flow to and from Michael Jackson’s hyperbaric chamber.

Top 10 Valve Applications

Steam flow control to molds that make tires

Top Valve Applications

Controlling argon to melt silica at 3700 degrees F which is used for solar panels

Top 10 Valve Applications

Controlling flow of chemicals to make pharmaceutical drugs

Top 10 Valve Applications

Steam control to the fryers to make Fritos

Top 10 Valve Applications
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