Co-Ax Valves

Valves designed with a coaxial configuration are pressure balanced, ensuring consistent switching capacity and safe operation regardless of vacuum, low pressure, or high-pressure conditions. The behavior of these valves is unaffected by the pressure of the media being handled, except at extremely high-pressure levels where seal friction may come into play.


Valves equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic drives can withstand back pressures up to their maximum rating without any seat leakage. When the closure of the valve depends on a spring, the output pressure can be up to 240 psi higher than the inlet pressure, creating a counter pressure of 240 psi. The valve seat maintains a tight seal up to this counter pressure value.


The unique design of co-ax valves minimizes wear on the valve seat, even when operating with heavily contaminated media. These valves are maintenance-free due to their special construction. Furthermore, the co-ax valve allows for bidirectional media flow, enabling the flow direction to change without affecting performance. The pressure-balanced and compact design ensures rapid opening and closing speeds, with reproducible switching speeds as low as 25 milliseconds.


The valve seat, control tube, and actuator are aligned along a common reference axis, resulting in an extremely compact coaxial design. This design provides advantages in systems where valves need to be installed in tight conditions, such as single installations, modular setups, or manifold arrangements.


Coaxial valves are well-suited for various applications in mechanical and plant engineering, particularly in situations requiring lubrication. They are also suitable for vacuum and gas technology, test bench construction, ship and rail engines, as well as filling and dosing technology. The valve design can be tailored to specific media and applications by selecting appropriate seals, allowing for handling of gaseous and liquid media, as well as dirty or viscous substances like oils, emulsions, coolants, and lubricants.


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Key Decisive Advantages:


Pressure-Balanced Design – Operating from 0 psi

The coaxial valve design maintains balanced forces within the valve, ensuring precise and reliable performance across a wide range of pressures, from vacuum to high pressure applications. Unlike conventional valves, coaxial valves do not require a minimum pressure differential to operate effectively.


Back Pressure Tight

When the coaxial valve is closed, it can withstand higher pressures on the outlet side without any leakage.


Maintenance-Free and Resistant to Contamination

The unique design of coaxial valves minimizes wear on the valve seat, even when handling highly contaminated media. These valves have a special design with only a single moving part, eliminating the need for stem seals, external actuators, or operators. As a result, coaxial valves are maintenance-free. Even under extreme conditions, they have a service life up to ten times longer than conventional valves.


Fast Actuation

Thanks to the pressure-balanced design, coaxial valves offer rapid and repeatable operation in less than 30 milliseconds. This makes them one of the fastest valves available.


Bi-Directional Operation

Coaxial valves allow media to flow in both directions, eliminating the need for multiple valves in certain applications.


Compact Size

The coaxial valve design offers a compact package by eliminating bulky actuators, resulting in a more space-efficient solution.

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