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Max-Air Technology: A Glimpse

Max-Air Technology, a global frontrunner in automation technology and process control products, has been serving industries with dedication for nearly two decades. Their commitment to innovation, backed by their engineering expertise, has allowed them to offer robust solutions at competitive prices. Catering to a wide array of sectors, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and more, Max-Air is not just about top-tier products; they also prioritize exceptional customer support.

Products Offered by Max-Air:

Pneumatic Automation:

-Rack & Pinion Actuators
-Scotch Yoke Actuators
-Manual Operators
-Solenoid Valves
-Limit Switch Boxes

Electric Automation:

-Spring Return



-Butterfly Valves (Resilient Seated, High Performance, and more)
-Ball Valves (Floating, Multiport, and more)
-3-Way & 4-Way Tee Assemblies

-Fully automated assemblies

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