Apollo 86A-200 Series - Two Way, Stainless Steel, Full Port, Socket Weld, Ball Valve

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Apollo 86A-200 - Technical Specs

Ball Valve
Body Material
Stainless Steel
Connection Type
Socket Weld
1/4" to 2"
Max. Pressure
1500 CWP
Temperature Range
-50F - 500F
Handle Material
Handle Type
Blowout Proof


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Introducing the Apollo Valve 86A-200 Series

Nothing beats the convenience of a 3 piece valve, and nothing beats Apollo.  The Apollo Valves brand is backed by over 9 decades of innovation in valve manufacturing experience, making it one of the most trusted names in valves around the globe.  If you're looking for a 3 piece valve with the added ease of socket weld ends, then look no farther than the Apollo 86A-200.

Apollo 86A-200 3 piece construction means the main body of the valve may be removed from the line at any time without disturbing the end connections for inspection, repair, or replacement--a must if those connections are soldered for maximum leak protection.  The 86A-200 is a state-of-the-art 3 piece ball valve that features a swing out center section; enclosed fasteners; adjustable multi-piece PTFE "V" style packing; cast bosses on end caps and center section for bleed and drain ports.

Detailed Specs of the Apollo 86A-200

The Apollo 86A-200 is full port, and constructed of stainless steel.  Trim, hardware, and end caps are also ASTM A351-CF8M stainless steel, as well.  RPTFE gaskets are compression controlled, and the stainless steel ball is pressure balanced.  2 Piece Locking Configuration. Includes Anti-Blow-out 1 Piece Bottom Entry Stem.

  • Socket Weld Ends
  • Full Port
  • Stainless Steel Construction--including Trim, Hardware, Lever, Lock Plate, Stops, Bolts, Gland Plate, etc.
  • Fully Machined ISO 5211 Mounting
  • RPTFE Body Gaskets
  • Adjustable "V" Style Packing
  • 3 Piece, 2 Position Locking Construction
  • Enclosed Fasteners
  • Vacuum Service to 29in of Hg
  • 150psig Saturated Steam

The Apollo 86A-200 has a Standard Compliance rating, and conforms to the 2000 and 2012 NACE MRO175 and MRO103 requirements.  Almost completely Stainless Steel, the Apollo 86A-200 is highly corrosion resistant.  Machined ISO Mounting makes it Actuation ready.  3 Piece construction with Swing Out Center ensures easy, no hassle maintenance.

Where to Buy

The best place to purchase the Apollo 86A-200 3 Piece Ball Valve, or any Apollo valve is ValveMan.com.  We carry a wide selection of Apollo valves and other industrial grade valves.  If the Apollo 86A-200 doesn't convince you to buy from Apollo Valve, feel free to read Why Choose Apollo Ball Valves.  We've been selling Apollo Valves products for many years, and highly recommend them.  Perfect for countless applications that call for a 3 piece valve with solder end connections, the Apollo 86A-200 is sure to be a future favorite.  Quality and convenience combined!

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