2" Tek-Trol Tek-Flux 1400A-50-1-I-SS-1-2-H Mag Meter w/ display, 4-20mA output, 150# ANSI Flanges, 85 to 240vac, Hard Rubber Liner, Stainless Steel Electrodes

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2" Tek-Flux 1400A-50-1-I-SS-1-2-H -Mag Meter w/ display


  • Wide range of nominal diameter Size ½” to 28? (0.04 ft to 2.33 ft) with IP65 protection.
  • Easy maintenance due to no moving parts.
  • Uninfluenced by temperature, pressure, viscosity, and density.
  • Used for wide application, can measure conductive fluid, without reference to fibre, solid or suspending material contained in liquid.
  • High turndown ratio up to 1:100.
  • It features high intelligence, with back light LCD display, menu setting control, three grades password protection, two-way measuring, slight signal removal, auto flow compensation, and other function.
  • Features high intelligence, which ensure empty pipe detection, self-detection, self-diagnostic functions, and safety alarms for upper and lower limit.
  • Features SMART excitation, which ensures zero-point stability, high reliability, and low power consumption.
  • Lining and electrode available in various materials which can measure nearly all conductive fluids.
  • It has multiple signal output, pulse or Modbus RS485 or HART® or 4 to 20 mA.
  • The power supply system has good voltage vibration ability.
  • Meters batching and blending totalization.

Technical Specifications

Mag Meter w/ display
Switch Function/Rating
4-20mA output
Process Connection
150# ANSI Flanges
Power Supply
85 to 240vac
Lining Material
Hard Rubber Liner
Electrode Material
Stainless Steel Electrodes
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