50/50 Seats for Ball Valves

Posted by Gilbert Welsford on Sep 6th 2012

50/50 seats are generally used in ball valves for steam and other high temperature services, up to 500 degrees F at 200 psi. A 50/50 seat is actually 50% teflon and 50% stainless steel powder. Due to the hardness of the seat and the friction of the stainless steel powder against the ball, the torque needed to stroke the valve is much higher than other valves. As a result, when sizing an actuator for a ball valve with 50/50 seats, you must make sure you compensate for the increased torque. On ValveMan, we have already done that for you to take away to added work and stress of sizing the actuator.

A few of the valves we have on our website that have 50/50 seats available and when selected, the actuators are sized for 50/50 seats:

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