Introducing Bonomi Butterfly Valves

Posted by Russ Bailey on Jan 31st 2017

Bonomi Butterfly Valves

If you are in the market for a quality butterfly valve, consider Bonomi Butterfly Valves. Rugged, reliable, and competitively priced, Bonomi butterfly valves might just be your best choice.  Bonomi embraced the slogan, "Passion is an ingredient that cannot be missing in our job."  Believing this sums up the company's goals, values, and work ethics, Bonomi has taken great strides to embrace, and live up to these standards.

Bonomi valves can trace its roots back to before the 1900s and has been in the valve business ever since.  In 1966, Bonomi was the first manufacturer to offer 2-piece ball valves, a major advancement in valve technology.  That same innovation and pioneering spirit can be seen in every Bonomi valve and related product today, including Bonomi butterfly valves.

Bonomi Butterfly Valves

Bonomi Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are often preferred for a variety of large bore applications.  But, with larger bores comes an increase in seal failure. Bonomi knows this, and have designed and manufactured their butterfly valves to address this problem, and others associated, with large bore valves.  One thing Bonomi has done to eliminate leaks is to incorporate a disc that doesn't utilize pins, a well known source of leaks. Bonomi also:
  • Epoxy coat all ductile iron butterfly valves.  Ductile iron is a common material for butterfly valves, but it is susceptible to rust and other forms of corrosion.  Many other manufactures paint these surfaces, but not all of them follow Bonomi's example.  An epoxy coat is superior to paint because it seals better, protecting the naturally porous iron.
  • Incorporates a AP 1609 face-to-face flange for a tighter seal.
  • Employ EPDM resilient seats with a temperature range between -30° and 250°F.

Bonomi butterfly valves, of course, are available in other metals such as stainless steel and brass and feature:

  • Direct mounting
  • Gear operation
  • Low turn ratio
  • Floating dual shaft disc design--a leak reducing alternative to pins
  • Full port sizes for butterfly valves between 1 1/2" to 12"

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Bonomi butterfly valves are made with pride and passion in Italy, where 7 generations before, Carlo Bonomi started the business that has grown into what is today known as the  Bonomi Group--or simply Bonomi--from a humble bronze foundry. With that simple foundry the company established itself as experts in brass valves.  Well known in the valve industry as a serious competitor, Bonomi still strives to offer buyers quality valves at an affordable price.

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