Why Choose a Bonomi Ball Valve?

Posted by Jason Welsford on Aug 5th 2016

Bonomi Ball Valves

Bonomi ball valves are known throughout the world for their exceptional quality. Solid construction...competitive pricing...are all synonymous with the Bonomi name, and those qualities are certainly found in their diverse line of brass, bronze, stainless steel, and lead-free ball valves.  The bottom line, Bonomi Valves are quickly becoming known throughout the industry as a serious competitor, and it has a lot to do with their humble beginnings almost 200 years ago.

History Behind the Brand Bonomi

From a bronze foundry in Italy, Carlo Bonomi began a company in 1828 that has flourished for seven generations. The company focused its efforts on brass valves soon after operations began, and has continued to do so ever since, repeatedly producing quality products at affordable prices.  Today,  Bonomi produces a large variety of valves, including several ball valve lines, and is a leader among the world market for technological advancements in ball valves.

Bonomi ball valves are produced from start to finish in Italy, and are sold in the United States via offices in South Carolina under Bonomi U.S.A., Inc.  By bearing in mind trends in international trading, savvy financial management, and consistency in manufacturing standards, Bonomi has remained a well known name in the valve industry.  As all Bonomi products do, Bonomi ball valves undergo thorough validation testing, including a double seal test, with a target of no less than 100% in performance.

Three Types of Bonomi Ball Valves You Want to Check Out

Bonomi 3-Way Valves:

965N and  365N - Stainless Steel and brass--respectively--3-way valves are both L port configurations (please refer to T-Port Vs. L-Port), and both feature threaded connections.  The 965N Stainless Steel 3-way ball valve is available in sizes 1/2" to 2", features blowout-proof stem, and operates in a pressure class of up 1000psi at 1/2".  Likewise, the 365N brass 3-way ball valve also features a blowout-proof stem, chrome-plated brass ball, and is available in sizes 1/4" to 3". The 365N is rated for temperatures of 344 degrees F.

Bonomi Actuated Ball Valves:

  • Bonomi 8E064LF - This electrically actuated brass 2-way ball valve is lead free, features a full port, threaded connections, and is available in 1/4" to 2". AC/DC voltage.
  • Bonomi 8P0080 - Double acting actuation, lead free brass 2-way ball valve. Features a fail in place fail position, blowout-proof brass stem, and chrome plated brass ball. Sizes range from 1/4" to 4". Max pressure of 600 WOG-150 WSP.
  • Bonomi 8P0141 - Stainless Steel 3-way T-port ball valve with spring return actuator. Rated for 1000psi at 1/2", this valve features RTFE seats, threaded connections, and a 316 Stainless Steel ball. Available in sizes 1/2" to 3".

Bonomi Ball Valves

Bonomi Manual Ball Valves:

  • Bonomi 171N - Brass 2-way ball valve featuring a full port, threaded connections, steel lever handle, and chrome-plated brass ball.
  • Bonomi 1970LF - Lead free brass 2-way ball valve featuring a full port, Euro-press connections, chrome-plated brass ball, and blowout-proof stem with steel handle.
  • Bonomi 1715 - Brass 2-way ball valve with chrome-plated brass ball, brass stem and steel handle; features full port and solder connections.

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A Clear Winner When Selecting a Ball Valve

A rich history, determination to be the best, and a wide selection makes Bonomi your best choice in  ball valves. If you found this article informative and inspiring, you may enjoy browsing our web page for Bonomi Actuated Ball Valves and other great products from Bonomi, or check out similar articles about other valves we carry, like Why Choose Apollo Ball Valves. We like to think knowing a little bit about the manufacturer will help you determine which valve best suits your needs, and we hope you liked this article.  Why choose Bonomi ball valves?  The question really is, why wouldn't you?

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