Apollo 70-900 Series - 3 Way, Bronze, Soldered End, Ball Valve

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Country of Origin: Made in the United States

Apollo 70-900 - Technical Specs

3 Way Valve
Body Material
Connection Type
Solder End
1/2" to 1"
Max. Pressure
400 CWP
Temperature Range
Handle Material
Handle Type
Blowout Proof

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Introducing the Apollo Valve 70-900 Series

Renowned for innovation and staying ahead of the curve, Apollo Valve has always been known for high quality, reliability, and that famous yellow handle bearing the Apollo trademark.  But, what truly makes Conbraco Industries great is the company's dedication to contributing to the valve and piping industry by producing user-friendly products, and keeping up with customer demands.

The 70-900 Series valve utilizes soft solder ends which provides the end user a lot of versatility.  When installed correctly, soft solder is as strong as any braze material, but is malleable at much lower temperatures, which makes it easier, quicker, and cheaper to apply.  With soft solder, there is less likelihood of damaging anything, or causing expansion gaps during assembly.  The Apollo 70-900 Series offers you the combination of roomy ports and the convenience of soft solder joints.

Apollo 70-900

The Apollo 70-900 Series is a bronze, standard port, 3 way diversion ball valve with soldered end connections.  It has been painstakingly designed specifically for soft soldering without disassembly.  Larger ports make this ball valve ideal for flow diversion, making tank switches and fluid transfers simpler.  Exceptional flow capacity rates are backed by controlled testing using off-the-shelf valves.

Features include:

  • An Adjustable Packing Gland
  • A B16 Brass, Blow-out Proof Stem
  • RPTFE (reinforced) Seats and Stuffing Box Ring
  • RPTFE (reinforced) Stem Bearing
  • Chrome Plated B16 Brass Ball
  • B16 Brass Retainer
  • Zinc-plated Steel Handle

The Apollo 62-100 Series Includes the Following Sizes and Product Numbers:

The bronze valve housing is highly corrosive resistant; thus, making it superior to brass.  The two piece body configuration aids in removal and repairs.  Furthermore, the Apollo 70-900 Series diverter valve can be installed without disturbing seats or seals--disassembly prior to installation is not required.  Hefty maximum operating pressure of 400psi WOG/cold, non-shock.  Maximum operating temperature of 500° fahrenheit, has l-port flow patterns, and all Apollo valves are 100% factory tested.

Where to Buy

The Apollo 70-900 is an excellent choice when you need a diverter valve for applications requiring the minimal leakage that soldering affords.  You can purchase the Apollo 70-900 Series 3-Way Diversion Valve directly the ValveMan.com valve store.  We carry a wide selection of Apollo valves, and highly recommend them to all our clients.  You can learn more about the Apollo brand here Why Choose Apollo Ball Valves.

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Made in the United States