JFlow 6833 - Stainless Steel, Inline Check Valve

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JFlow 6833 Series - Technical Specs

Check Valve
Body Material
Stainless Steel
In-Line Silent Check Valve
Connection Type
Threaded (FNPT x FNPT)
Pipe Size
1/4" - 2"
Max. Pressure
800 WOG
Cracking Pressure
1/2 psi
Spring Material
Stainless Steel (CF8M)
Slide Pin Seat Hold
Stainless Steel (CF8M)
Seat and Gasket
End Cap Material
Stainless Steel (CF8M)

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An ”’ inline check valve”’ is a check valve similar to the lift check valve. However, this valve generally has a spring that will ‘lift’ when there is pressure on the upstream side of the valve. The pressure needed on the upstream side of the valve to overcome the spring tension is called the ‘cracking pressure’. When the pressure going through the valve goes below the cracking pressure, the spring will close the valve to prevent back-flow in the process.

Schematic Drawing of the JFlow 6833

The ValveMan valve store offers a wide range of valve brands including JFlow. The JFlow Controls 6833 inline Check Valves 800 WOG offered the ideal solution. These valves are 316 stainless steel, feature an in-line design and include 2 piece and 3 piece configurations. It has a soft seat for bubble-tight shutoff and spring loaded. These inline check valves have high flow capacity with low pressure drop – very important to the manufacturer. The manufacturer also needed a speedy delivery that we were able to achieve. Rated for 800 psi.

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