Air Filter Regulators

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What is an Air Filter Regulator?

Often, after air exits a compressor it is dirty with oil, water, and other things that can harm valves and instrumentation is a plant's system. An air filter regulator, also referred to as an AFR, is the perfect way to clean the dirty air. On top of filtering the dirty air, an Air Filter Regulator will also control the precision and speed of the flow of said air. An AFR, or Air Filter Regulator, will strain and trap solid particles such as rust, dirt, and dust, and then also separate water and oil. 

Investing in an AFR is a sound choice when feeding air into equipment in a plant's processing that is both critical and expensive to fix and/or replace. 

Always install your AFRs upstream of any other valves such as regulators, control valves, air driven devices, or instrumentation.