Cryogenic Valves

We are often asked from our customers, what is a cryogenic valve and why do people use them?  Well, a cryogenic valve is used on extremely cold services such as liquid nitrogen at -320°F.  When you have super cold processes going through a valve, the body of the valve becomes very cold and the radiant coldness can freeze things around the valve.  So, if an actuator is too close to a valve body, it can freeze the internals of the and cause it to malfunction.  Therefore, we have to add an extended bonnet to the valve.

cryogenic valves valveman

This moves the packing gland in the valve and the actuator further away from the cold process so the valve can open and close properly. Generally, when our customers are spec-ing a valve with a cryogenic extension, they need seats for the cold temperatures as well.  One of the seat materials that is great for cold temperatures is Kel-F. 

So, when looking at building your valve with a cryogenic extension, make sure to add the seat material for your cold services. We hope this information helps you with your cryogenic valve application, but if you have any questions or would like to build your valve today, feel free to contact us at 1.888.825.8800 or contact our valve store here.

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