Apollo 61-100 Series - Bronze, FNPT, Check Valve

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Apollo 61-100 Series - Technical Specs

Check Valve
Body Material
Bronze (C84400)
Inline, One Way, Silent Check Valve
Connection Type
Threaded (FNPT x FNPT)
Pipe Size
1/4" - 3"
Max. Temp
Max. Pressure
400psi @100F, 125psi steam @350F
Cracking Pressure
1/2 psi
Spring Material
Stainless Steel (AISI  316SS)
Retainer Material
ASTM B16 Brass
Ball Check
RPTFE, 15% Glass Filled


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Why Choose the Apollo 61-100?

The Apollo 61-100 Series check valve supplies a bronze option for a variety of applications. The brand Apollo is known for its reliability and reputability, and nearly all Apollo valves are produced within the United States in one of their their three locations. The Apollo 61-100 Series is distinctly designed for applications that are subjected to corrosive environments such as chemical processing or other industries that handle or process corrosive medias. The Apollo 61-100 Series fulfills its purpose as a check valve to provide reliable protection against reverse flow. Check valves can also be considered rare because they do not require assistance to open and close.

Detailed Specs of the Apollo 61-100

The Apollo 61-100 is constructed of bronze material. This inline check valve consists of a one-way, silent check valve and is offered in a fully threaded (FNPT x FNPT) end connection. The Apollo 61-100 is spring-loaded for lighting fast seating action, is center guided so that radical alignment is never needed, and the straight-through flow minimize pressure loss. The Apollo 61-100 comes in a wide range of sizes, including the ¼” all the way to 3” inch.The maximum pressure is 400 psi @100F (125psi steam @350F) , and the cracking pressure for the Apollo 61-100 is ½ psi. The spring material for the Apollo 61-100 Series is stainless steel (AISI 316SS). The retainer material is made up of brass material (ASTM B16). The ball check is made up of RPTFE, and 15% Glass Filled. Due to the various number of sizes this check valve can be used for different kinds of projects whether industrial or personal.

The Apollo 62-100 Series Includes the Following Sizes and Product Numbers:

Where to Buy the Apollo 61-100?

Conbraco Industries which is based out of Matthews, North Carolina manufactures the Apollo valve brand. The production of the Apollo valve line began under Conbraco Industries sometime in the early 1960s. The Apollo valve brand being around for somewhere near between 50 and 60 years has gained a valuable reputation since its origination. Conbraco Industries continues to distribute, and supply the engineering industry with the Apollo valve brand to this day. ValveMan carries the valued Apollo brand, and even more specifically the Apollo 61-100 series. In additional to offering the Apollo 61-100 Series check valve, ValveMan.com also carries a number of other valves like y-strainers, ball valves, actuated valves, and butterfly valves. The Apollo 61-100 Series bronze check valve is in stock, and ready to be purchased at ValveMan.com valve store. Whether the project big or small ValveMan offers an extensive list of valve brands and products with exceptional customer service along the way. The main component of ValveMan since the beginning has always been selling valves, it’s what we do. ValveMan continues to fulfill this component of the business while maintaining top engineering expertise, and our previously stated exceptional customer service. Shop the Apollo 61-100 series bronze check valve at Valveman.com today.

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