Apollo 62-100 Series - Stainless Steel, NPT, Check Valve

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Apollo 62-100 Series - Technical Specs

Ball-Cone, Inline, One Way Silent Check Valve
Body Material
Stainless Steel
Connection Type
Threaded (FNPT x FNPT)
Pipe Size
1/4" - 2"
Max. Pressure
400 psig CWP non-shock (125 psig SWP @ 350°F)
Cracking Pressure
1/2 psi
Retainer Material
Stainless Steel-ASTM A276, 316 (1/4” – 1”), Stainless Steel-ASTM A351,CF8M (1-1/4” – 2”)
Ball Check Material
PPTFE (Reinforced Teflon)
Guide Material
Stainless Steel-ASTM A276, 316
Spring Material
Stainless Steel

Why Choose the Apollo 62-100?

The Apollo 62-100 Series is a stainless steel check valve. The brand Apollo Valve is known for its reliability and reputability, and nearly all Apollo valves are produced within the United States in one of their three U.S. locations. The Apollo 62-100 Series is distinctly designed for applications that are subjected to corrosive environments, including chemical processing or other industries that handle or process corrosive medias. The Apollo 62-100 Series fulfills its purpose as a check valve by providing reliable protection against reverse flow of media. The Apollo 62-100 series is composed of a variety of different parts that work together to make this valve one of the most commonly used in the industry.

Detailed Specs of the Apollo 62-100

The Apollo 62-100 series is a check valve which means it flows in one direction, and also has two ports. One port of the check valve is used for the fluid to enter, and the other port is used for the fluid to depart. The 62-100 is constructed of corrosion resistant SAE 316 stainless steel material. The 62-100 consists of a one-way, silent ball-cone, and is offered in a fully threaded (FNPT x FNPT) end connection. The Apollo 62-100 is spring-loaded for lightning fast seating action, is also center guided so that radical alignment is never needed, and the straight-through flow within the valve minimizes pressure loss. The maximum pressure of the Apollo 62-100 Series is 400 psig CWP non-shock (125 psig SWP @ 350 F), and the cracking pressure for the Apollo 62-100 is ½ psi.The Apollo 62-100 has retainer material for sizes ¼” to 1” is made up of stainless steel-ASTM A276, 316, and the retainer material for sizes 1-1/4” to 2” is made up of stainless steel-ASTM A351, CF8M. The Apollo 62-100 Series has a ball check that is made up of PPTFE or reinforced Teflon. The 62-100 guide material is equivalent to what is used for the sizing from ¼” to 2” A276, 316. The spring material much like the rest of the valve is also made of stainless steel. Due to the various numbers of sizes the Apollo 62-100 series can be used for different kinds of projects.

Where to Buy the Apollo 62-100?

The Apollo 62-100 Series is made in the continental U.S. by Apollo, and is manufactured by Conbraco Industries. Specifically headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina, Conbraco is the parent company for Apollo Valves which has been producing valves for over 50 years. Conbraco Industries quickly gained and maintained recognition for their high quality valve products, and the Apollo 62-100 series maintains that legacy of excellence. To this day, Conbraco continues to manufacture the valued Apollo brand.  The ValveMan valve store offers the Apollo 62-100 at unbelievable pricing; in addition, offers a variety of of valves, including ball valves, butterfly valves, actuated valves, and y-strainers. Selling valves has been the primary focus of ValveMan since its inception. ValveMan strives to provide incredible customer service, unparalleled expertise, and fast shipping. Buy the Apollo 62-100 stainless steel check valve at ValveMan.com.

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