ASCO 8210 Series - 3/8" - 2-1/2" Brass, 2 way, General Service, Solenoid Valve

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ASCO 8210 Series - Technical Specs

Solenoid Valve
Body Material
Body Style
Direct Acting, Normally Closed
Connection Type
Threaded (FNPT x FNPT)
3/8" - 2-1/2"
Seals and Discs
NBR or Cast UR
NEMA Rating
Watt Rating
See Specification Sheet
See Specification Sheet
Temp. Range
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The ASCO 8210 is a member of the infamous ASCO RedHat line of solenoid valves. Founded in the late 1800s, ASCO is today known as a world leader in solenoid valve technology. With over 100 years experience, ASCO solenoid valve design has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, a necessary trait for a corporation that has thrived on meeting customer demand for specialized valves for over a century.

Why Choose the ASCO 8210

The ASCO 8210 exemplifies performance. It is the direct result of solenoid valve knowledge combined with custom needs accumulated over ten decades of valve design and manufacturing. ASCO is committed maintaining its leadership in valve technology. Dependability, longevity, and precision fluid control are qualities that stand out when considering the utilization of an ASCO 8210. The 8210 series features high flow construction and incorporates resilient seals for minimal internal leakage. The ASCO 8210 requires no minimum operating pressure, and may be mounted in any direction:

      • Body: Available in brass or 304 stainless steel. Solenoid Enclosure: Watertight; explosion proof option available.
      • Core Tube: 305 stainless steel.
      • Core and Plugnut: 430F stainless steel.
      • Seals and Discs: NBR or PTFE.
      • Springs: 302 stainless steel.
      • Shading Coil: Copper or silver, depending on body material.
      • Voltage: 110, 220 AC--other voltages available, including DC.
      • Nominal Ambient Temperature Range: Standard class F insulation: 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. (RedHat II rating may be different).
      • Sizes: The 8210 is available in 1/4" to 3/8".
      • Valve Operation: Either normally closed or normally open.

When to Use the ASCO 8210

The ASCO 8210 should be your first choice when needing a general service, 2-way, solenoid valve that delivers high flow and precision control for liquids, corrosives, air, or gas. Rated for industrial water control, other industrial applications will include car wash machinery, air compressors, laundry equipment, and various pumps. The ASCO 8210 is recommended wherever and whenever you expect long life and trouble free service from a solenoid valve.

Where to Purchase the ASCO 8210

Just as the ASCO 8210 RedHat series should be your first choice when purchasing a solenoid valve, should be your first choice among solenoid valve distributors. The ValveMan valve store is major distributor of ball, butterfly, globe, gate, and solenoid valves, and they have been in the business for over 50 years. Unlike their competition, ValveMan only sell valves. And they are known throughout the industry as the Valve Guys.

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