Apollo 94ALF-100 Series - Lead-Free, Brass, Full-Port, NPT, Ball Valve

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Apollo 94ALF - Lead Free Ball Valve - Technical Specs

Ball Valve
Body Material
Lead Free Brass
Connection Type
Threaded (FNPT x FNPT)
Max. Pressure
600 CWP (400 CWP 2-1/2” to 4)
Ball Material
Lead Free Brass, Chrome Plated 1/4"-1"; 316 SS 1 1/4"-4"
Temperature Range
-20 F - 366 F
Handle Material
Steel with Corrosion Resistant Plating
Handle Type
Seat Ring
Stem Seal
Stem Type
Blowout Proof
Stem Material
Lead Free Brass
Specs Designed To
MSS SP-100 with CSA, UL, FM, and NSF 61 Approvals

The Apollo 94ALF series multipurpose ball valve provides a lead free option to comply with Federal Public Law 111-380. While this valve still represents an effective choice for the same transfer, storage, or isolation requirements on which the standard Apollo 94A series might serve, the lead free materials and third party lead free certification provide further versatility which makes this a viable series to use on applications involving potable water, i.e. water intended for human consumption. The Apollo 94ALF-A comes in sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 4 inches and proves suitable for service in temperatures ranging from negative 20° F to 366° F. For smaller sizes, those below 2-1/2 inches, the Apollo 94ALF has a 600 CWP rating. For the larger selections in this series, the valves carry a 400 CWP rating. All sizes of the two-piece, threaded, full port 94ALF-A series have a lead free forged brass body, blow-out proof stem design, as well as PTFE seats, seals, and stem packing. The factory provides a lead free brass, chromium plated ball on valves 1 inch and smaller in this series while a 316 stainless steel ball comes standard in larger sizes. Additionally, the Apollo 94ALF-A series boasts both bi-directional capability and suitability for service in vertical or horizontal orientations regardless of the direction of flow or the stem’s orientation. This dependable, yet affordable, lead free valve carries multi-agency approvals which include FM, NSF, CAS, IAPMO, ASME and UL.

The Apollo 94ALF-100 Series Includes the Following Sizes and Product Numbers:

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Conbraco Industries Incorporated, currently headquartered in Matthews, NC, offers the multipurpose 94ALF under their Apollo International TM product line. Originating in 1928 as the Consolidated Brass Company, Conbraco serves as the parent company of Apollo Valves. Introducing the Apollo name to the market in the 1960s, Conbraco quickly built consumer confidence in these valve offerings based on their reputation for dependability and quality. The success and recognition of these items would eventually led Conbraco to bring all of their product lines under the Apollo name. To this day Conbraco Industries continues to develop and deliver products to the market, such as the Apollo 94ALF series, which prove both noted for their value and respected for their reliability.

The Apollo 94ALF remains a versatile and cost effective option for a variety of industrial and residential purposes. Suitable for use with gas or liquid, the valve commonly serves applications involving gas transmission, potable water transfer, fire protection, HVAC, and basic plumbing needs.

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Please Note:
Product Shown is for 1/4" Ball Valve Only. Actual purchased product may differ in aesthetics.
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Apollo/Conbraco Offers a 5 Year Warranty on all domestic products and a 2 Year Warranty on all import products. NOTE: Conditions do apply! Please go to: https://valveman.com/content/apollo-valves-guarantee-valveman.com.pdf for more information.