Product Profile: 3 Piece Firesafe High Performance Ball Valve

Posted by Gilbert Welsford on Sep 21st 2013

Product Profile: 3 Piece Firesafe High Performance 2000 psi Ball Valve The VMFSDM7300 series ball valve is one of the best sellers for our valve store. This valve has many uses which is the reason for the high volume of the product.

Some of the different options available on this series valve are:

  • Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Body Material
  • Threaded, Socket Weld, or Butt Weld End Connections
  • Manual, Pneumatic, or Electric Operators

The reason that this valve is considered firesafe compared to a non-firesafe design is that it has Graphoil packing. There is a standard for firesafe valves that is called API 607, 5th Edition. When purchasing a firesafe valve, always be sure to ask if it is built to the standards of API 607, 5th Edition. A firesafe valve assures that in the case of a fire surrounding the valve, the valve will be able to be stroked 90 degrees once. This may seem very simple but in the case of an emergency, assuring that you can open or close a valve could be the difference between a small fire and an entire plant fire.

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