Why Choose ASCO Solenoid Valves?

Posted by Daniel Pishock on May 20th 2016

If you're contemplating choosing an ASCO solenoid valve, you need not to think about it too long; ASCO Valves should always be your number one choice when it comes to solenoid valve applications. Founded in 1888, ASCO has been around for well over a century, and is well known as a world-leader in solenoid valve technology and innovation. Originally known as a manufacturer of elevator, compressor, and generator controls, the company nonetheless kept an open mind regarding new directions, and in 1910, ASCO invented the very first solenoid valve. This electrically controlled device--a revolutionary brain-storm--changed the valve world forever, defining the ASCO corporation as the mark to which the competition should aspire.

Discovering ASCO Solenoid Valves

ASCO, in its tradition of forward thinking, has put together one of the most comprehensive solenoid valve brands available on the market today--the RedHat series represents the epitome of excellence in solenoid valve design. The solenoid valves described here are examples of why ASCO solenoid valves are the best.

  • ASCO 8210 Series: This brass, general service 2-way solenoid valve is available in sizes 1/4" to 3/8" and features threaded (FNPTxFNPT) connections; NBR or Cast UR seals and discs; direct acting/normally closed action; and a 305 Stainless Steel core. Plugnut and core are 430F Stainless Steel; springs are constructed of rugged 302 Stainless Steel. Nominal Ambient Temperature Range: 32 degrees F to 125 degrees F. 
  • ASCO 8262 Series: Features a brass body. 2-way general service solenoid valve. Seals and discs: NBR or Cast UR; threaded connections (FNPTxFNPT); 430F SS; 302 SS springs; 305 SS core tube. Operating pressure: 0 psi to 180 psi (water); 155 psi (air); 140 psi (oil). Nominal Ambient Temp. Range: -13 to 131 F. Mountable in any position. Sizes 1/4" to 3/8".
  • ASCO 8320 Series: Brass, 3-way general service solenoid valve. Pilot operated. NBR seals and discs. FNPTxFNPT threaded connections. (Same construction as ASCO 8342). Pressure and temp. ranges vary slightly with specs. Available in 1/4".
  • ASCO 8342 Series: Brass, 4-way general service solenoid valve. Pilot operated. NBR and PA seals and discs. 305 SS core tube. Threaded FNPTxFNPT connections. 302 SS springs; 430F SS core and plugnut. Mountable in any position; ideal for low flow applications.

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ASCO Solenoid Valves: Dependable, Reliable, & Versatile

ASCO solenoid valves are not only built for durability, reliability and longevity, they are highly versatile, as well: mountable in any position, and configured for duel current wiring options (AC or DC), it's easy to understand why ASCO solenoid valves are the best for any of your solenoid valve applications. Ideal for a wide variety of general service applications.

Where to Buy ASCO Solenoid Valves?

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