Double Union End Valves

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Are you tired of spending a lot of time maintaining and replacing valves? Consider buying a double union end valve! Thanks to their unique attributes, they’re easy to install and replace, saving you time and money!

What the Double Union End Valve Does

The double union end valve is a type of valve with a double union connection. This differs from most valves, which usually have no union, though in rare cases they may only have a single union connection. What does that mean?

In this design, the union nut screws onto the valve, and the tailpiece may be attached to a pipe section using weld, solder, screw connection, flanged connection, or glue. This configuration allows you to remove and replace the valve easily, so you won’t have to struggle with removing or installing valves!

Why Should You Purchase Double End Valves?

Stop settling for standard valves that leave you frustrated and discontented. Purchasing a ball valve with a double union means you get unmatched performance and convenience, even in the case of demanding applications. Here’s why you need double union end valves in your system:

  • They Offer Effortless Maintenance: Forget about doing time-consuming repairs. Double unions make it easy to remove and replace valves, especially compared to other types of valves. This can help you minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, and save hours on maintenance simply by changing your preferred valve type!
  • Experience Unparalleled Versatility: These types of valves also offer enhanced versatility since you can correct minor misalignments by adjusting the end valves. They’re also adaptable to being used with a wide array of different material types.
  • Enjoy Rock-Solid Reliability: Enjoy the benefits of peace of mind with leak-proof connections that guarantee your system will function reliably and remain secure.
  • Full-Bore Flow, Uncompromising Performance: Enjoy the full capacity that your system has to offer with full-bore flow. This unrestricted flow through the valve removes pressure drops and bottle necks, giving you optimized performance for your system needs.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Because these valves decrease downtime, they help to cut down on energy usage and water waste, reducing environmental impact. Make a positive impact on the environment, one efficient valve at a time.
  • Enhanced Safety: Thanks to the quick isolation capability offered by these valves, especially in the case of emergencies or leaks, they contribute to the efficacy of safety protocols. Sadly, they’re also more likely to leak than many other valve types.

Buying the PERFECT Double Union End Valve

We’ve constructed a basic guide to help you determine which kind of double union end valve you should purchase for your application. Some aspects to consider include:

  • Replacement Frequency: Are you going to need to replace the valve frequently? If so, the double union end valve is ideal.
  • Space Constraints: IS the space for the valve limited? In these cases, the compact double union end valve may be a good fit.
  • Temperature Tolerance: What range of temperatures can the system withstand during operation?
  • Fluid Compatibility: What type of liquid will the system be moving? Are there any specific properties or potential hazards associated with the fluid?
  • Existing Pipe Network: What are the diameters of the other pipes and fittings currently in the system?
  • Valve Sizing Flexibility: For optimal flow and compatibility, does the double union end valve need to match the exact size of other system components, or can there be some variance?
  • Performance Requirements: What are the minimum and maximum flow rates and pressure needed for efficient operation?
  • Control Preference: Would you prefer to operate the valve manually or to use an actuated valve?

What are Double Union End Valves Used for?

Tired of dealing with outdated valves that are difficult to replace? Consider buying a valve with a double union. Some of the applications where these valves are a go-to product include the following:

  • Thanks to their hygienic nature and ease of removal, these valves are highly favoured in the food and beverage industry. This is especially true in factories where valves need to be removed and cleaned regularly.
  • Because of the dangers involved when mixing chemicals, the pharmaceutical production industry removes, cleans, and replaces valves regularly. Due to their unique qualities, double-end union valves are ideal for this.
  • Thanks to their compact size and ease of replacement, these valves are perfect for HVAC Systems that undergo regular maintenance.
  • In power production plants, it’s often necessary to isolate sections in order to perform maintenance. Because double union end connections make valves easy to install, remove, and replace, they’re ideal for this industry.
  • In agricultural applications, it is often necessary to clean valves, or move sections of pipelines. Due to the ease with which this type of connection may be connected, disconnected, and replaced, double-end union valves are a firm favourite

How to Maintain Double Union Ball Valves

When you purchase double union end valves, they aren’t particularly high up on the maintenance scale, they do require some general maintenance to ensure they function properly. Depending on the operating conditions and how frequently you use the valve, you may need to perform these maintenance steps more frequently.

  1. Inspect the valve regularly, both by sight and hearing. If the valve sounds differently than usual, is visibly leaking, or something else is out of place, it’s time to check what’s happening.
  2. Test the valve regularly by opening and closing it fully. Ensure that it’s functioning as it should.
  3. Replace any worn parts as you see them.
  4. Keep the interior and exterior of the valve clean, especially in harsh conditions.
  5. Lubricate moving parts as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would a union leak?

The most common reason for a leaky union, as in a double union end valve, would be that the different parts directly connecting to the union are not perfectly parallel.

Why use a union instead of a coupling?

The main difference between them is that a coupling is for connecting pipes to each other, while a union is for joining and disassembling a part of a system (I.E. a valve).

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