Ultimately, choosing the perfect y-strainer will start with the one that is best suited for your chosen application. Like valves, y-strainers come in a variety of sizes and materials, though they all perform the same function--removing unwanted solid contaminates from a liquid, gas, or steam line by means of a mesh, which traps the contaminants, preventing them from traveling further. But, while all y-strainers perform the same job, not all are perfect for every application. Housing material and connections may be dictated by the line material.


Y-strainers can be found just about everywhere. Heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, control valves, meters, and other processing equipment all employ y-strainers. As all of these call for different line and piping material, as in copper, steel, etc., and as they all move different medias, they will require various connection options. Choosing one perfect for the application, then, may be as simple as knowing your connection type. Regardless, Red White Valve offers several y-strainer models, in brass, bronze, and Stainless Steel, with soldered or threaded connections. The following are a few examples of Red White Valve's workhorse line of reliable and dependable y-strainers, each a perfect choice.

Examples of Y-Strainers

Red White Valve 387F Y-StrainerThis is an inexpensive bronze y-strainer that features solder connections. It utilizes a Stainless Steel mesh, obtainable for cleaning via a threaded cap with clean-out plug. Available in sizes 1/2" to 2", it carries a pressure rating of 125# WSP and 200# WOG. NSF61-8 certified.

Red White Valve 889 Y-Strainer: Fabricated of Stainless Steel, this y-strainer is connected via threaded ends, and is available in sizes 1/2" to 2". Everything but the PTFE gasket is Stainless Steel, including the mesh. Perforation screen. Maximum temperature 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressure rating 200# WSP/WOG.


Red White Valve 383AB LF Y-Strainer: LF designates this as a lead free y-strainer. Offered in sizes 1/2" to 2", this brass y-strainer features threaded (FNPTxFNPT) connections; PTFE gasket; threaded cap; and a Stainless Steel 20 mesh screen. AB1953 certified, this lead free brass y-strainer has a pressure rating of 200# WOG.

Red White Valve 380AB LF Y-Strainer: This lead free y-strainer, featuring a bronze housing, utilizes threaded (FNPTxFNPT) connections, uses a Stainless Steel mesh, and has a threaded cap. Available in a 2" size, this lead free bronze y-strainer incorporates a PTFE gasket. Threaded drain plug.

Where to Buy

If you are looking to buy y-strainers for your equipment or processing chain, buy from the ValveMan.com valve store. We are a major industrial grade valve supplier, who have been in the business of valve distribution for over 50 years. Among the many brands we stock, we are proud to carry Red White Valve y-strainers and valves. We can help you select the perfect y-strainer for your application. That's because, unlike our competition, all we sell are valves. It's simply what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

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