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Blog posted by Mark Trainer on Apr 15th 2016

Craft Brewing -

Brewing can be a hugely rewarding hobby or profession, but as you are probably aware, it is also commonly quite testing. The smallest of mistakes in both technique and equipment selection can lead to failure surprisingly easily. One of the most critical components - but often overlooked - is your valves.

The right selection of valve types, from brewery valves to the butterfly valve, is an important aspect of breweries of all sizes. These important components, which also include ball valves and the tri-clamp butterfly valves, control the flow and quality of the brew and can be the difference between a good brew and failure.

Seriously. Expert brewers always make a point of sourcing the most suitable valves and fittings for their hobby or profession.

At ValveMan, we appreciate the importance of the right valve in any craft brewery and have curated the perfect range of valves, such as solenoid and manual valves, just for this purpose. Whether a simple ball valve, butterfly valve, or an advanced automated valve, our products will make your life a little easier when it comes to your brew.

Craft Brewing -

Types of Valves to Use in Craft Brewing

There are a variety of valves that can be used in making quality beers. Having the right tools and hardware is an essential part of the process, and it will continue to shape the way brewers create these delicious brews.

Of all of the various equipment that goes into creating your favorite booze, valves play an important and irreplaceable role, and today, most equipment is made of stainless steel.

Some of our products have become incredibly popular in breweries of all sizes. Our Red White 4660 valve series, for example - offered in multiple sizes and allowing the control of pressure of media easily and efficiently - are indispensable to many.

Another very important valve in the process are solenoid valves, which is used to regulate the precise flow and distribution that is then poured into bottles and cans. The solenoid valve electromechanically assists the valve in a variety of ways, from shut off to mixing and distributing liquid throughout the brewing process.

Solenoids are essential in the process of mass-producing beer because they are used for proportional control, which is key to regulation and quality. Two-way control valves are one of the more popular solenoids on the market, as they are made for maintaining water distribution in tight spaces.

Our well-stocked ASCO valves, on the other hand, are the industry leader in solenoid technology and possess a track record that proves they can withstand high flows of liquids as well as gases with a low fail ratio.

The Role of a Butterfly Valve

One of the key apparatuses in controlling the flow within your production setup is butterfly valves. These are incredibly useful in modulating the rate at which liquids move through your system. The design allows for quick and efficient control, making them indispensable in any setting where fluid regulation is key.

The Racking Arm

Another piece of equipment that merits attention is the racking arm. Often overlooked, this tool separates the clear liquid from any sediment and is typically installed using a tri-clamp connector, ensuring a secure and leak-proof setup. The racking arm's role in maintaining the clarity and integrity of the final product is vital. To that end, it should be well maintained to ensure performance.

Tri Clamp Connection

This connection is widely favored in beverage production for its reliability in fastening pipes and hoses. This kind of clamp guarantees a firm attachment, crucial in maintaining an unbroken flow and preventing any leakage.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Whether it’s a valve, a pipe, or a clamp, ensuring that each component is cleaned regularly is key to preventing contamination and prolonging the life of your equipment. A well-maintained setup is important for the consistency and safety of your product.

Utilizing Steam for Sterilization

Steaming is a highly effective method for sterilizing production equipment. It's particularly useful for cleaning pipes and valves, ensuring that all remnants of previous production runs are eradicated. Regular steam cleaning is incredibly important for maintaining a sterile environment.

Managing Fluid Flow

Fluid management is another important aspect of any beverage production process. Efficiently controlling the flow is key to ensuring a consistently high standard output. This involves using valves effectively to regulate the movement of fluids through your system.

Ensuring All Equipment is Properly Connected

Lastly, you should ensure that all parts of your production apparatus, including pipes and valves, are correctly put together. Even a minor misalignment can lead to leaks or contamination, hampering the efficiency of your production process. Regular checks to ensure everything is properly fitted and secured are fundamental to a successful operation.

The maintenance and proper use of equipment like butterfly valves, racking arms, and tri clamps are essential in any beverage production setting - regular cleaning and ensuring secure connections are vital practices that contribute significantly to the standard and safety of your product.

A Brief History of Craft Brewing

The United States has experienced a significant resurgence in craft brewing over the last few decades, although the practice dates back to very early Egypt. The industry, prior to the growth of breweries and microbreweries in the 1980s, faced challenges during prohibition in the early 1900s, leading to a major decline in breweries. However, the demand for quality beverages persisted, with people finding innovative ways to produce and sell alcohol, often in speakeasies and through bootlegging.

This dark period was followed by a revival in the industry, particularly in states like Vermont, Pennsylvania, and California. Pennsylvania, pre-prohibition, was a leading state in brewery numbers and has maintained this legacy. Today, they are a thriving part of the industry.

Following this revival, the craft brewing industry transformed as modern innovations replaced traditional methods. Breweries started to focus not only on the quality of their products but also on creating a unique identity, often drawing inspiration from local culture and ingredients.

Small-scale breweries began to coexist and thrive alongside larger, established ones. The industry's growth has been further fueled by a community of enthusiastic consumers who value both the art and science of brewing.

Craft beer is now a firm part of American culture, representing 4% of the total US alcoholic beverages market in an industry valued at close to $2 billion annually.

Where to Buy Valves for Craft Brewing?

Here at, we love a great-tasting beer. In fact, many of our team take pride in pairing excellent beers with incredibly well-prepared food. The ValveMan valve store has a large selection of ball valves and solenoid valves that will help you streamline your beer brewing process.

For over 50 years, ValveMan has provided unparalleled expertise in the engineering and distribution of high-quality valves - we only sell the best valves from the best manufacturers. In short, if you need the right valve for a great price, ValveMan is your one-stop shop!

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